Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil

Oamaru Pharmacy are the proud stockists of Ancient Minerals Magnesium Products in New Zealand. The range includes a Sprayable Magnesium Chloride Oil, A Magnesium and Aloe vera  Gel and and Magnesium Chloride Bath Flakes.

These products are recognized for their purity as they come from The ancient Zechstein seabed, A source deep beneath the earths crust where it has been Isolated for millions of years, making is one of the purist sources of magnesium chloride on the planet.


Benefits Of Magnesium Chloride Oil, Gel and Flakes

  • Rapidly Absorbed Through The Skin.
  • Absorb magnesium 12 x fast the oral supplements.
  • Encourage Healthy Skin Tissue
  • Most efficient method at restoring cellular magnesium levels.
  • Ultra-pure and highly concentrated
  • Avoid the side effects of digesting oral supplements

To purchase come into our local pharmacy or call 0800 000 980 to order over the phone.

  • We ship this product overnight anywhere in New Zealand with we also ship to Europe, US and Canada.

This information is of a general nature and is for informational purposes only. It not intended as specific health advice. Use strictly as directed. Should symptoms persist consult your health professional