Discovering Arthrem Artemisia annua for Arthritis and Joint Pain Support

Aches and pains are a natural part of life, to tell you when you have overdone things. The trouble is, chronic joint pain, also known as arthritis, where the pain is constant is something quite different… and the problem is, it can occur at any age. When you have arthritis, joint pain and stiffness can feel unbearable. When you can’t move around as you would like, and pain is slowing you down it can really mess with your schedule. There is a Wellington company that has released a joint support supplement called Arthrem (which you might have seen in the news lately). Arthrem™ is a dietary supplement for joint support. It helps maintain normal healthy function, flexibility and mobility in stiff, and worn or damaged joints.

Arthritis and joint pain can strike at any age

Arthritis and joint pain are not ailments reserved for the elderly.  In fact, arthritis is a very common condition that affects more than 50 million adults and a surprising 300,000 children.  Arthritis simply refers to the inflammation of the joints and comes in more than 100 different types.  According to, the signs of arthritis may include: pain, stiffness, swelling, redness, and a decreased range of motion.

What are the most common types of arthritis?

Although there are over a hundred different recorded types of arthritis, there are only three commonly known types. These can be put into three major categories:

Inflammatory Arthritis –  this happens when the body’s defense system starts to attack its own tissues instead of fighting off germs, viruses and other foreign substances.  This then leads to pain, stiffness and joint damage.  One of the most common forms of this type of arthritis is rheumatoid arthritis.

Rheumatoid Arthritis – is systemic in nature and affects the entire body.  It can either be mild with minor symptoms and far less risk of developing misshapen joints, or it can be chronic which is more painful and does result in misshapen joints. It can also last a lifetime with just short periods of remission.

Degenerative or mechanical arthritis – is a group of conditions where the main problem is damage to the cartilage that covers the ends of the bones. It is commonly known as osteoarthritis and generally affects older people. The parts of the body where osteoarthritis commonly appears are those that are heavily used, such as hips and knees.

Artemisia annua for arthritis and joint pain support

more on arthrem Artemisia annua is an extract from a herb that has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. This is the active ingredient in Arthrem Joint Care Support.

The seeds are sourced from Switzerland and then grown at high altitudes in Tanzania where the soil is fertile and dense. It takes nine months to fully grow the plants.

The nutrient rich tips of the plant are then hand picked and dried using traditional methods. After drying, the plants are shipped to NZ where the active compounds are harvested.

Promisia, the company that produces Arthem, uses a unique diffusion based, high pressure yet low temperature extraction process. This process harvests the plant’s active components without the use of chemicals.

The 100% natural extract is then sent to a Swiss laboratory for analysis. The extract is then combined with grape seed oil to produce the easy-to-swallow soft gel capsule.

The company’s unique and specialised horticulture and extraction processes maintains and utilises the full benefits of the plants phytonutrients.

What research has been done on Artemisia annua?

Western medicine has seen a lot of potential in Artemisia annua, enough reason for certain groups to pursue research on its efficacy in helping arthritic patients. Some of these studies are:

Immunoquantitative analysis of artemisinin from Artemisia annua using polyclonal antibodies

Biosynthesis of artemisinic acid in Artemisia annua

Component composition of essential oil from Artemisia annua and A. scoparia

These studies are evidence of the increasing interest in this herb and its many uses to aid and complement traditional medicine.

arthritis and joint pain support supplement featuring Artemisia annua

Want to learn more about Arthrem Artemisia annua Joint Supplement? Or to shop this product you can some in store and buy it at The Oamaru Pharmacy Ltd or call us on 0800 000 980 03 4348741 during business hours.



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