Bodystance Backpod for Back Pain

Do you sit front of a desk, or find yourself rounded over in front of your smartphone for most of the day? If your answer is yes, do you get a sore back and tight shoulders?

OP - Body Stance

Kiwi physiotherapists noticed loads of patients coming into their practices with this issue, so a New Zealand company has developed a clever little gadget called the Bodystance Backpod, which actually stretches your back and shoulders in the other direction to fight the effects of sitting in front of the computer for most of the day.

Bad posture at a desk


Are you popping pills?

When you have a sore back, the pain can shoot up your neck and give you headaches.  The last thing you want to be doing is popping pills all the time, as this is not a permanent fix  Paying for massages is not a long term solution either – it just gives temporary relief and can get expensive.

Technology and back pain.

Since an increasing number of people are and will be affected by this issue, a new term has been coined to described it – ihunch.

What is ihunch?

Experts refer to ihunch as the back pain that results from an electronic lifestyle. It can lead to the permanent curvature of your spine. Learn a little more about what it is and how you should be sitting at your desk in this video.

Physiotherapists invented the Backstance Backpod to help reduce the effect of ihunch.

See the Bodystance Backpod in action



What is the Bodystance Backpod?

An innovative way of easing upper back and neck pain, the Bodystance Backpod works to counteract the effects of slouching, help relieve back pain and improve your posture. It is basically shaped like a paua shell and you stretch your back over it, after rounding forward all day. It actually won an award in Germany for excellent product design.

Why use one?

The Bodystance Backpod is easy to use at home and cheaper than getting a massage every week.  It’s a drug free way to support your body to counteract back pain.  It also comes with an ongoing care program, and can be used in conjunction with treatment from health professionals.

Back pain hot spots


Learn how to use the Backstance Backpod to stretch out your back:

Have you been looking for a way to alleviate your back pain? Drop into the store and ask our friendly staff to let you try out the Bodystance Backpod to see how it works.  Or give us a call to find out more.  

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