Fake Killer Cheek bones with a Contouring Kit

15Ever wondered how some woman looking amazing in photos – sleek – chizzeled and sexy… and when you take a selfie you see a double chin, chubby cheeks and no neck…

What if I told you it wasn’t a god given gift and they actually had makeup on their side? I am talking about contouring…


Source: https://www.groupon.com/articles/contouring-in-four-easy-steps-or-just-one-if-youre-lazy-sb

Contouring is brushing on darker (bronze tones) where the shadow from your cheek bones should be, and lighter pail tones in the areas you want to illuminate – to fake the appearance of chizzled beautiful cheek bones.

All you need is a good angular blush brush and a contouring kit (or your bronzer).

We are loving this new Designer Brands contouring kit in store for value for money. Its super easy to shape your face.

Here is a great instructional video on how to fake cheek bones and take a better selfie.



Having the right tools means makeup doesn’t have to be confusing. All you need is a good brush, a dark bronzer, a medium bronzer and an illuminator to fake your way to beautiful cheekbones. Need help choosing the right tools? Come see us in store.


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