Tint your lashes at home for 1/12 the cost of a salon treatment

How much does it cost you to get your lash’s tinted each month? $20? Did you know you can tint your lashes and brows at home 12 times for the cost of one salon treatment?

That means you can save up to $220 a year on salon tinting treatments. Pretty cool right!

Come and ask Sandra and the girls about 1000 Hours Eyelash and Brow Tinting Kits. Perfect for looking put together even when you don’t have your “face on.

Here is a video with a little more info and how to use the kit

PRO TIP: 1000hourskits

  • I actually use mine a little differently and apply it like a mascara so I don’t have to close my eyes. I have had my eyelashes tinted once at a salon and it burnt like crazy, that’s why I prefer to do it myself, as long as I don’t drop it in my eyes it sting free!
  • I make sure I have plenty of cotton buds handy to wipe up any spots to make sure it doesn’t go in my eyes.
  • I use the left over dye to do my eyes a second time so it lasts longer and I normally get 4 – 6 weeks wear out of an application.

Who would these kits be good for?12038171_10153647717573766_5673715452730528324_n

  • People who find themselves irritated by mascara.
  • People who have naturally light brows or lashes.
  • For camping or overnight trips so you look put together even with no makeup on.
  • If you swim regularly.
  • At the gym to avoid panda eyes when your sweating.
  • If you want to enhance your eyes and are not a huge makeup person.

Keen to learn more?

Come in and see the girls as ask about “1000 hour eyelash and brow tinting kits” they come in Black, Blue Black, Dark Brown, Brown Black, and Charcoal. (I love blue black). Or ring 0800 000 980 to order it over the phone.


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